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Impression Hogekampplein

In June this year, the design of Hogekamp Square was published and discussed with the surrounding parties, such as the users of the Vrijhof, Hotel Drienerburght, Camelot (because of the students' studios in Hogekamp) and the tenants of High Tech Factory.

Meanwhile, the plans for the Hogekamp Square have been further elaborated in artist impressions, as shown here. It is an illustrative representation of how the square will look like at the end of 2019. Of course, the actual planting and the real look and feel of the Square can still deviate from how it is included in these images. Additional plans are being developed for this purpose.

The construction team is already preparing the construction of the square. This team consists of Ray Klumpert and André de Brouwer of Campus & Facility Management, Stegging Infra for the civil technical aspects, NTP who actually builds the square and of course the architect LOLA, who designed the plan for Hogekamp Square.
The benefits of an integral construction team are more flexibility and efficiency, due to adequate respond to issues that arise during the entire construction planning.
The construction team started with the realisation of the parking spaces at the backsite of the Hogekamp. These are now ready for use.
Furthermore, the entire underground infrastructure of the square has been renovated.
The construction team is now discussing the possibilities of water purification technology integrated into an artwork on the square, together with research group Membrane Science & Technology from TNW faculty. The aim is to combine art with science at this future meeting point on the campus. 

More information: via The Long-Term Strategy for Housing (LTSH) website:

Questions or comments: André de Brouwer, Site Contract Manager, Campus & Facility Management, T: +31 (0)53 - 489 6901