Long Time Strategy for Housing

Annual Plan Real Estate and Housing 2017

The Executive Board has approved the UT Annual Plan 2017 of the development of Housing and Real Estate.

This document is a further elaboration of the Long-term Long-Term Housing Strategy of the university (LTHS), which can be found online. It describes the planned real estate projects on the University of Twente campus in 2017 and states which are to be prioritized. The annual plan also lists the maintenance and renovation projects which are planned for the coming year.

The annual plan is updated each year whereupon the latest version is submitted for the approval of the Supervisory Board and the University Council. The Executive Board got approval for this plan during its regular consultation meeting with the University Council on 14 December 2016.

Annual Plan Real Estate and Housing 2017
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National, regional, and UT developments

The annual plan considers relevant strategic developments within and outside the UT. This includes for instance the in- and outflow of student and staff numbers, the interest of external stakeholders in housing on the campus and the increasing housing needs of international students and staff members.
The annual plan also encloses the political debate on housing, such as the Inspectorate of Education’s inquiry into the housing costs in higher education and the research by the General Chamber. At municipality level the annual plan anticipates on developments in the Master Plan of Kennispark, the realization of a Path of Innovation and the developments regarding the access to Enschede Kennispark from the highway A1. Furthermore, general trends are followed in the field of sustainability and energy saving.