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The Executive Board has adopted the 2018 Annual Development Plan for Real Estate and Housing with the approval of the University Council and the supervisory board.

This plan is an update of the 2017 annual plan. This annual plan is the practical implementation of the Long-Term Strategic Housing Plan (LTSH) and includes an overview of all existing and new housing projects on the University of Twente campus in 2018. The annual plan outlines which projects will be continued this year, which projects will commence and which projects are prioritized, including maintenance and renovation projects.

National, regional and UT-related developments

The annual plan takes relevant strategic developments on and off the University of Twente campus into account. Examples include:

  • the development in terms of numbers of students and employees;
  • the interest of external parties in on-campus housing;
  • the increasing housing needs of international students and employees;
  • the socio-political discussion on housing: regarding the study completed by the Netherlands Court of Audit and the developments in the area of sustainability and energy savings, for example;
  • the developments at the municipal level in the Kennispark Master Plan
  • the developments regarding the Noordelijke Ontsluiting access road to Enschede Kennispark.  

Scheduled housing projects for 2018

This year mainly concerns the following projects:

We will also work on the following necessary projects in 2018:

  • Review of the square at the Hogekamp building;
  • Connecting the O&O squater to the Technohal building after the redevelopment.

The prioritization of new housing initiatives is adapted to current developments if necessary. Twice a year, the review group is convened to advise on these matters.

Future developments for buildings scheduled to be vacated

Due to current developments, a number of buildings on campus will become vacant in the near future. The way in which these buildings will be given a new function will be further investigated in 2018. These include the Boerderij building that currently hosts the Faculty Club, which will move to the new U Parkhotel later this year.

the 2018 Annual Development Plan for Real Estate and Housing
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 Do you have any questions about on-campus housing projects?

Contact Bertyl Lankhaar, spokesperson for the Executive Board, tel.: +31 (0)53 489 2210


2017 Annual Development Plan for Real Estate and Housing