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Internal mass email

It is possible to send a UT-wide mass email to all staff and/or students of the UT in specific cases via M&C. Guidelines and sending criteria were drawn up for this purpose.

Sending messages through a UT-wide mass email will only be done if it concerns:

  1. Crisis and/or risk communication (disasters, safety risks and health risks)
    1. Managerial information
    2. Invitations to corporate UT events where the entire UT populace is invited.
  2. Human Resources information important to all UT staff
  3. Announcements of (changed) regulations important to the entire UT populace. For instance, FB/Procurement - NS Business Card, travel costs reimbursement).
  4. Digital questionnaire of research intended to improve the quality of service and/or working conditions at the UT (for instance Staff Research UT, FB).

If you want to send out a UT-wide mass email please use the