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Van Dale Grote Woordenboeken (Full windows install)

The Van Dale dictionaries in Dutch, English, French and German 2010 are available for all UT staff and students. They give you the meaning of a word or combination of words, and translate them to and from English, French and German.

The electronic dictionary contains the full contents of the Van Dale groot woordenboek hedendaags Nederlands (Dutch), –Engels (English), –Frans (French) and –Duits (German).
Compared to Van Dale Electronisch Groot Woordenboek 2009, the 2010 (5th) edition contains hundreds of new words, their meanings and examples of their use. All four languages are combined into one program. Also new with this edition is the added feature of hearing the correct pronunciation of a word; just click on the speaker icon and you’ll hear the correct way to pronounce it!

The Van Dale Dictionaries are available in 2 versions:

  1. Online version: no fuss, no installation, just click the link and carry on
  2. Full install, (MS Windows) (installs the dictionaries onto your PC and the MS Word toolbar. Advantage: also available when working off-line. (Takes approximately. 1.4 Gb disk space)
    (Distributed by the UT Notebook Service Centre)
    Login using your student/staff number, choose: Software manager, next: Graphics. The Van Dale software can be installed, by following handleidingen/manuals.

 The program has a help function with directions on how it can be used. The help function is located in the menu, and is called: Hulp (F1). Up to date information can be found at