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Subject Guide Business Administration

The subject guide of Business Administration is a shortlist that contains the most relevant sources of information for business administration students and researchers. The short list is a subset from the larger UT collection, available at the digital library

Please contact the BMS information specialist, Peter Noort when you have any question regarding the access to a particular information source (a book, a journal, a database).

Good starting points for exploratory literature search are:

Which business journals are available at this university?

What are high impact journals in social sciences/business?

What scientific literature exists on a business-related topic?

Which collections with academic literature are bought especially for business administration research?

What do UT researchers have published on my topic?

Useful references for when you need to find literature in a more systematic way

Good searching not only involves selecting the right collections. If you want to improve your search strategy in these collections, please consider one of the following sources:

We also have company info that might be of use for your assignment or research

 Financials & News:

Strategic information:

Patent information:

Macro information: