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Information Specialist ITC, BMS and EEMCS

Information Specialist Faculty ITC, BMS and EEMCS
C.M. Gerritsen MSC

Working hours:
Monday - Friday 8.30 - 18.00 hrs

+31 (0)53 489 2255

Education / Professional studies

MSc European Studies, University of Twente

I can help you with

  • Finding your way in theĀ (digital) library
  • Collection development in the field of Geosciences
  • Curriculum development Information Literacy and Research/Academic Skills
  • Open Access
  • Where to publish
  • Data management
  • Alumni support
  • EndNote and Mendeley support and development course materials
  • Academic output Repository Pure
  • Online library support Joint Educational Program students
  • Alumni support
  • Book donation Program


  • Social media
  • Reference managers
  • Plagiarism

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