Information Specialist Faculty TNW
J.G.M. Becht
Room: Carré 4029

Working hours:
Monday - Friday  8.30–17.00 hrs

+31 (0)53 489 2077


I can help you with:

  • Finding your way in the digital library and library services
  • Acquiring relevant books and other material for your research and teaching
  • Formulating your information problem
  • Selecting relevant databases for your information problem
  • Searching in databases offered by external hosting services
  • Citation analyses


  • Academic skills with the course Paper & Presentation in the master program Nanotechnology
  • Information skills in the bachelor program of BMT, AT and CT
  • Courses on demand for groups and classes
  • Library Lunch and Learning, every Tuesday, on hot topics, new developments, and forgotten wisdom


  • 1983: Masters Chemical Engineering with a thesis on the computer modeling of a biochemical reaction, University of Technology Eindhoven
  • 1987: PhD thesis on the balance between kinetics and thermodynamics in solid state chemistry, University of Technology Eindhoven
  • 1987-1992: postdoc in the department of Inorganic Materials Science, Delft University of Technology, research into the production and properties of advanced materials, for bioactive, electronic, or corrosion resistant layers and powders, using laser, plasma or (hydro)thermal activation.
  • 1992-1997: postdoc in the department for Energy Conversion, Delft University of Technology, research into the combustion of coal in 1.2 MW fluidized bed with flue gas recirculation for CO­2 recovery.
  • from 1998: Information Specialist Twente University, with a special interest on how people communicate within science, and how that affects science teaching.
  • from 2002: member of the University Council