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In the world of technology publications have appeared to highlight the backgrounds of these problems. These were meant exclusively to give other researchers and programmers extra job support. Which was initially the case, but then there were also viruses being created as a prank to wind up colleagues in the office with harmless messages appearing on the screen. These harmless messages developed into actions varying from freezing the victims computer so it had to be restarted to deleting all data off the hard drive.

What exactly is a virus ?

A virus is a small programme that creeps up into your essential data files, contaminates these data files and eventually can destroy all your data and software packages.

Your computer can develop a virus in different ways such as:

  • via emails
  • via msn
  • through downloading programmes, especially be wary of KAZAA!!!!!!!!
  • through websites
  • through ads
  • by burning software
  • etc.

You really need to be careful when using the Internet if you haven't installed a reliable anti-virus programme on your computer. But it's still possible in spite of you being careful and having a high quality anti-virus programme, to contract a virus on your computer in the previously mentioned ways.

Some high quality anti-virus programmes are :

  • Norton AntiVirus programme
  • McAfee Virusscan
  • Norman Virus control
  • Kaspersky AntiVirus

When you know or suspect there's a virus on your computer or laptop it's advisable to download and start using an antivirus programme right away, because the longer the virus has been on your computer the bigger the chance that the virus will spread and multiply. So in addition to eliminating all viruses from your computer right away, it is also a good idea to do an antivirus scan once or twice a week to search your whole system for possible viruses.

What is Spyware ?

Spyware is another occurring problem that can be very disruptive, advertisements get on your computer through spyware and that's how all sorts of programmes you don't want are installed on your computer, spyware installs for example toolbars, data files that give access to ad pop-ups and will slow down your computer.

To protect your computer against spyware there's also a variety of programmes available:

  • Ad-aware
  • Spywareblaster
  • Spywareguard
  • Spybot
  • Spysweeper

There's also programme available that combines all these programmes called HitmanPro, if your computer is crammed with spyware HitmanPro is your best option to download, install and run, after doing all this it's very likely your computer will be rid of most of the spyware.

What is a Firewall ?

A firewall is a programme that protects your computer against hackers. A firewall checks and registers all the data that enters your pc. When a hacker tries to access your system, a firewall reports this immediately and denies access to this person. A firewall is comparable to the wall surrounding an old settlement. The gates in this wall, needed to communicate with the outside world, are guarded by the firewall comparable to a type of gate-keeper. As soon as someone knocks at the gate, you, the owner of the computer, will be notified immediately. There's two types of firewalls. One for hardware, which is mainly used to protect commercial networks fully connected to the Internet, and one for software. For private use the software type application will do. In that case the firewall is similar to a computer programme, constantly monitoring incoming Internet traffic in the background.

To protect yourself against hackers you can use a number of programmes:

  • ZoneAlarm Firewall
  • Sygate Personal Firewall
  • McAfee
  • Panda
  • Kerio
  • etc.