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Definition customized services

LISA offers UT students and employees a wide range of ICT solutions, but sometimes you need a custom solution. If you have an ICT question, please check out our catalogue of products and services to see if we offer a solution that suits your needs. Also, an increasingly large selection of our products and services can be ordered through our online self-service portal.

If you cannot find a solution that works for you, please contact our ICT Service desk or one of our ICT account managers. LISA always aims to find the right solution for you, using our standard products, external products, and/or custom products.

Custom work is done after the Customer and LISA have discussed the nature of the work and the price thereof. These aspects of the work are laid down in a contract. In order to be able to provide custom work as efficiently as possible, we distinguish between three different kinds of custom work:

  1. Minor custom work: if we estimate that the solution will take less than 8 hours to produce and install and the material expenses are less than € 100, the custom work will be completed as soon as possible and the number of hours worked will then be charged to the customer. All ICT support staff members are authorised to make this decision.
  2. Major custom work: if we estimate that the necessary solution will involve multiannual costs, the ICT account manager will draw up a contractual agreement with the customer about the work to be performed and the costs thereof before the custom solution is produced or installed. A contract will also be drawn up beforehand if the solution has to be installed using a project-based approach. The costs of the custom work shall be paid by the customer.
  3. Medium custom work straddles the boundary between the previous two options. The ICT account manager makes an estimate of the costs in consultation with the customer, and after the customer has given the green light by email, the account manager will issue the order. The costs of the custom work shall be paid by the customer.