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From Windows 7 to Windows 10


This manual describes how to transfer from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Before you get started

  • This manual is for employees only. 
  • This manual uses a consistent style of writing: references to text and buttons on screens are printed in italics, information that you have to enter yourself is printed in bold.

Possible error messages

Before the upgrade starts, there are a few checks built in, to ensure that the upgrade will proceed smoothly. The most common are mentioned below:

  1. On Battery: "Your device is on battery power. Please connect the device to the adapter or connect to a docking station. Please try again after connection to AC-power."
  2. On Wi-Fi: "Your device is connected to the Wi-Fi. Please connect the device with a network cable or connect to a docking station, disconnect the Wi-Fi on the notebook. Please try again after connecting to a wired network."
  3. More than one HDD: "Your device has more than 1 hard drive. Please contact the Service Desk ICT (+31 53 489 5577) for support."
  4. USB HDD connected: "Your device has a removable storage connected, please remove all removable storage. Please try again after removing."
  5. USB stick connected: "Your device has USB stick connected, please remove all removable storage. Please try again after removing."

Installing Windows 10

Stap 1: close all applications

  • Close all applications in particular Microsoft Outlook, web browsers and the Explorer.

Stap 2: Software Center

  • Click on the Start button (flag).
  • Typ Software in the run tray.
  • Search for Software Center in programs.
  • Double click on Software Center.

Stap 3: Operating Systems

  • Click in the left menu on Operating Systems.
  • Double click on Prod. - Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Stap 4: Installing

  • Click on the Install button.

Stap 5: Bevestigen van Operating System Upgrade

  • Click on the Install button.

Stap 6: m-number

  • Fill in your m-number

How long the upgrade will take depends on the data on your system, but will take between one up to three hours. After the upgrade, the PC must be restarted.

NOTE: Please, do not interrupt the process and do not turn off the computer!

Wait until the lockscreen. Logon with the AD account. The ZENworks agent is installed the first time, after a maximum of 5 minutes the computer will automatically restart without any notifications.