Forwarding calls

This manual describes how to forward an incoming call  to your voicemail or another number.

STeP 1: select forwarding menu

  • Go to tab Phone.
  • Click on the button No Call Forwarding.

STeP 2: Forwarding options

Select one of the following options:

  • No call forwarding for not forwarding incoming calls.
  • Forward Calls To Voice Mail for directly forwarding incoming calls to the voicemail.
  • Simultaneously Ring ... sends incommng calls to your computer and another telephone number at the same time.
  • Phone Call Preferences for advanced options (see step 3).

STeP 3: advanced OPTIons

preference for calls can be changed as follow:

  1. Turn off call forwarding  when you don't want to forward an incoming call.
  2. Forward my calls to, when the user wants to forward the incoming calls to voicemail or another number(for example a colleague) 
  3. Simultaneously ring   To simultaneously ring on an other number. 
  4. Only forward or simultaneously ring during work hours To only  forward during working hours( as set in outlook).
  5. Unanswered calls  To forward unanswered calls automatically to voicemail or another number. Here also is the option to choose the time it takes to forward the call.