To use Appspace follow the steps described in this manual.

before you get started

This manual uses a consistent style of writing: references to text and buttons on screens are printed in italics, information that you have to enter yourself is printed in bold.

To activate your account, you'll have to follow the link in the email, and log on using your UT email address. Note that you are required to create a password. You will use this only once, during registration. Please do NOT use your UT ICT password.

After finishing the logon procedure, please log off again. From now on, you can start the application via the Administrative Application in the employee portal (Narrow casting) and logon using your UT email address and ICT password.

create narrowcasting presentation

STeP 1: log in

Go to the "Narrow casting" application via the Administrative Application in the employee portal or logon using your UT email address and ICT password. The Password field disappears after the e-mail address is entered.

STeP 2: create Channel (playlist)

Click the second square in the top left of the screen (channels).

Click Create channel, click Create channel again and enter a name for the channel.

STeP 3: create content

Create a folder for your content by pressing the Library (mountain) button.

Click the +. A folder is created. Enter a name for the folder.

Select the folder and click add.

Select upload media if you already have a document (PDF, JPG, etc.) to publish and drag it to drop files here.

If you have text only and no document yet, select Create Card and select a template.

Enter or copy text in the fields on the left side and, if necessary, drag an image. You can see changes realtime. Click Next.

Now you can enter a title and an expiration time. More info can be added in the Article field like purpose, target audience, etc. You can also use tags.

Click Save.

STeP 4: add content to playlist

Go back to your channel, click add content, select your content folder and select the content you would like to add. Click Add. The content is now added and published on the screen.

 when no content is published

If no content is published, check if it is enabled. Go to Channel and select Publish. Do you want to publish this channel has to be set to Yes. Underneath you can select the players on which to publish. Now all content will be published automatically.