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Blog - The day after my login name changed (MacBook)

Dear colleague,

My name is Henk and I’m an employee of the University of Twente and using a MacBook. We use a lot of different login names for different applications and that is very confusing. Our university decided to provide every employee a unique login name. My new login name is now the same as my University e-mail address.

The change occurred on the May 23rd 2019 and in this blog I’ll tell you what I noticed of this change.

Before the change the ICT department sent me an e-mail and told me to reboot my computer on the May 23rd. So I did.

After the reboot I logged in at my MacBook as usual. After I logged in I noticed that WIFI didn’t work. According to the FAQ I must forget the EDUROAM WIFI network before I can reconnect to EDUROAM.

I Pulled down the WI-FI menu icon and chose “Open Network Preferences”.

Then I selected “Wi-Fi” from the network panel sidebar, then clicked the “Advanced” button in the corner

This opened the “Wi-Fi” tab and found the network to forget under the “Preferred Networks” list.

I continued further with the instructions and selected the network and clicked on the [-] minus button to forget the wireless network.

The last step was to confirm my action to forget the WI-Fi network by choosing “Remove”.

After these steps I could easily connect to the EDUROAM Wi-Fi with my new login name and password.

After renewing my WI-Fi connection I decided to try out my VPN connection because the IT department informed us that this login name also affected. Tunnelblick gave an error and after changing my login name to the new name it was also possible to login and use VPN.