On Friday November 9, the first edition of the course Foundations of Interaction Technology was finalized with the Science Jam. Where or what is the science in Interaction Technology? What makes us unique in terms of knowledge and skill? And maybe we started the day as broad as “who am I as an interaction technologist? Am I just a person able to build bridges between disciplines or between users and disciplines, or is there more?”


By using a guided brainstorm technique our perspective changed quite dramatically over the day. User domains, research questions, hypotheses: at the end of the day we had them all. And actually quite good! We are looking forward to the proposed research being conducted, and see it result in many influential scientific papers and presentations.


 So yes: there is science in Interaction Technology. You will become an expert in defining and researching the interaction between technology and users. And all the other subjects that we teach? They are there to contribute to your expertise, and not the other way around! Well.. maybe also the other way around :-)