Quality assurance for the exit year abroad of HCID students.

To assure the quality of the master’s thesis of students in their exit year abroad, a supervisor from Twente (called “critical observer” in the rest of this document) will monitor the progress and check the quality of the final project and thesis. This quality check was implemented at the end of the academic year 2018-2019. The student needs to arrange a critical observer from the UT who will be willing to read the documents sent by him/her.

There are three obligatory milestones/contact moments during the final project. At the Start of the final project, the student needs to deliver a thesis proposal with a planning to the critical observer from UT. The planning should include the next deliverable and contact moment. The critical observer gives a go/no go decision.

2.     Mid-way (as determined by the student in agreement with the critical observer and stated in the planning). The student sends a draft version (could be e.g. three chapters) to the UT supervisor. This is a critical moment because if the quality of the thesis is not sufficient, then the critical observer needs to contact the first supervisor abroad and discuss the case and an improvement plan.

3.     Green light. Towards the end of the process the student needs to send a concept draft of the thesis to the critical observer. The critical observer does not grade the project but indicates if the thesis can be defended (green light/no green light). Feedback is optional and not necessary unless the thesis does not fulfil the academic standards set by the UT. The green light from the critical observer is necessary to graduate from the exit year university to the UT. If no green light is granted, the student needs to repair the thesis until a sufficient quality level. (Potential) repair means that the student needs to improve the thesis to receive the degree from the exit university (as well as the UT).

Thesis needs to be uploaded at essay.utwente.nl