See Internship and Study Abroad

Would you like to gain external / international experience?

To gain international experience a student is given the chance to go abroad to another university or institute to follow courses or doing projects. The choice of courses or projects has to be within the limits of the course programme rules and should be approved by the programme mentor in the same way as the other parts of the programme.


Depending on your course programme, you have the choice to incorporate an internship into your curriculum; either a practical internship at a company or as part of your graduation assignment. More information on how to go about finding and carrying out an internship can be found on the website of the EEMCS Internship Office / Mobility Office. If you start to plan and organise your internship, it is suggested to have a look at the internship procedure and arrange an intake meeting with the internship coordinator of the faculty; Wendie Klieverik. The internship is being assessed by a UT-Supervisor and will be based on the internship report. The assessment form and insight in the assessment criteria are published here.


Our faculty has agreements with partner universities and institutes to accommodate students, who want to go abroad for courses or projects. Information about going abroad to partner or non-partner universities or institutes and about the procedures and the possibilities of financial support can be given by the exchange coordinator Jitske Rijken. More information can also be found on the EEMCS Exchange website