Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC)

Partners: An international knowledge network

ITC operates as a node in an international knowledge network between scientific and professional organisations. Academic and professional partnerships allow ITC to offer its services in the field of research, education and project services worldwide.

Education partnerships

Changes in world society have resulted in changes in the demand for ITC’s products and services, particularly education. Client organizations have indicated that mid-career professionals in important decision-making positions, or with the potential to grow into such positions, have difficulty in sparing the time to be away from their work and home for extended periods. To address the increasing demand for flexibility in courses, ITC has entered into partnerships with reputable qualified educational organizations for the purpose of providing joint courses in several countries. Under this arrangement, a course or part of a course leading to a recognized ITC degree, diploma or certificate can be conducted in the student’s home country.

Research partnerships

ITC's research programme is carried out in collaboration with a range of partners in the Netherlands, Europe and other countries worldwide. The Faculty strives to carry out research in conjunction with partners who contribute complementary scientific expertise and/or are confronted with scientific problems that fall within the context of the mission of the Faculty. To this end, the Faculty pursues and has entered into a range of research agreements with partners. The resulting agreements range from general principles such as memoranda of understanding and framework agreements to partnership agreements supporting specified PhD students.

Project services partnerships

Through its project activities, ITC actively contributes to implementing the goals and objectives formulated by all major multilateral and bilateral donor agencies (e.g. the UN Millennium Development Goals). When it comes to executing large-scale projects, ITC is often part of a consortium of project partners. ITC maintains a network of partners with whom it regularly teams up to acquire and implement projects.