Tuned to the needs of our clients

To accommodate the rapidly changing demand for capacity building and institutional strengthening, ITC offers a flexible package of training and project services to the needs of its clients in terms of content, duration, and location.

Project services are carried out in relation to all of ITC’s research themes and their main focus is capacity building and development and application of new technology. ITC’s project services are geared to solving problems of developing countries and emerging economies. A second aim is the generation of income to help ITC in accomplishing its mission to support development.

Our expertise

ITC’s multidisciplinary and problem-oriented approach focusses on the use and provision of geo-information and earth observation

Clients and partners

Through its project activities, ITC actively contributes to implementing the goals and objectives formulated by all major multilateral and bilateral donor agencies (e.g. the UN Millennium Development Goals). Over the years, ITC has carried out assignments in Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. When it comes to executing large-scale projects, ITC is often part of a consortium of project partners. ITC maintains a network of partners with whom it regularly teams up to acquire and implement projects. ITC’s main clients are development agencies, multilateral organizations, international financing institutions, national and local governments, NGOs and private companies.

Learn more about ITC project services on the capacity development webpage.