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Admission requirements for Inspire-U

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Summer camp Inspire-U is an English-speaking event. Therefore, we expect you to have a good command of the English language (e.g. IELTS 6.0, B2, TOEFL 80 internet-based test or equivalent). 

Courses and keynotes at Inspire-U are all in English. Therefore, Inspire-U is a great opportunity to practice your English language skills. Nevertheless, we expect you to have a good command of the English language (e.g. IELTS 5.5, B1/B2, TOEFL 70 internet-based test or equivalent). 

These language requirements are your own responsibility and will enable you to follow the course lectures and participate actively in the discussions. Therefore. applicants do not need to prove the suggested language skills in the registration process.

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Inspire-U summer camp is aimed at students that want to follow a bachelor's programme at a university after high school. It's is open to both international and Dutch students who haven't yet started their university careers, but are finishing up their high-school education. You are welcome if you are in the later or final stages of your secondary school career, plan to start a bachelor's degree at a university and are at least 15 years old when Inspire-U takes place. If you are older, then summer school CuriousU might be an option for you.