Information for parents, teachers & deans

Is your son or daughter interested in attending InspireU, and do you want to accompany their trip? Or are you a teacher that will accompany a group of pupils that will join the Summer camp? This page contains a general overview of the most important information you need to know.

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Why inspire-u?

InspireU is an inspiring and informative way to spend the summer. There are several ways in which InspireU can be a valuable summer experience for your child or pupil: 

  • InspireU combines a unique, 5-day summer camp at the campus of the University of Twente with a festival and thus provides pupils with a special experience: academic courses, music, sports, entertainment and inspirational speakers all in one place!
  • The participants will spend the week in a multicultural and international environment, collaborating with young people from all over the world and getting to know other cultures.
  • Aside from being a fun and entertaining summer camp, InspireU offers four educational courses which create an interesting learning experience as well. The total amount of course hours is 20 hours within 4 full days, and afterwards the pupils will receive a certificate of participation.
  • The summer camp will be a good way for your child or pupil to prepare for an academic career, giving a preview of what it is like to study at a university. In the courses, the participants will be introduced to scientific research themes and they will develop their academic skills.
  • The experiences and knowledge gathered during the different courses will be combined and used in a creative brainstorm session: a Think Tank.
  • Lastly, the participants will be introduced to the bachelor programmes of the University of Twente to get a feeling of what kind of programme will fit them.

Stay in Enschede during InspireU

There are several accommodations available for teachers or parents to stay in Enschede during the summer camp. If you’re interested to stay in Enschede, please fill in the contact form and we’ll contact you about the possibilities.

Enschede is close to the eastern border of the Netherlands with Germany, about an hour and a half drive by car from Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands. It is very easy to visit Amsterdam from Enschede by train, which will take about 2 – 2,5 hours. You can plan your journey by train via the website of the NS, our public train transport operator (, and on this website you can also find more information about ticket prices.

If you want more information about the things you can do in Enschede, you can visit the City of Enschede website (, which provides tips and tricks for activities, drinking and dining, and gives general information about life in Enschede.

Teachers and school groups

InspireU offers a discount price for groups of 3 – 10 persons. It is possible for teachers to accompany their schoolclass or a small group of pupils from their school to the Summer camp. Some of the general activities in the program will also be open for teachers and parents. Are you a teacher and do you want more information about group participation, registration of groups or do you have additional questions? Please fill in the contact form.

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