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During your stay at the University of Twente, you will sleep in a tent. This will be a group tent and is included in the registration fee, along with the air matress, a pillow and a sleeping bag. Although we provide these attributes, feel free to bring your own. The image down below illustrates what the tent looks like! 

University Campus

The campus of the University of Twente is located on the outskirts of Enschede, at fifteen minutes cycling from the city centre. 

The campus is where students and staff live, work and study. All education and research buildings of the university are grouped together on an area of approximately 1 kilometre wide and 1.5 kilometre long, on the westside of Enschede. The campus is freely accessible, and a specific part of it will be used for our summer camp. You'll get to know a large part of the campus though, mainly due to our various campus tours, as well as other events we organise during the week! 

Eager to find out more about our campus right now? Check out our digital campus tour!


If you have questions, be sure to contact us!