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Challenge the Climate

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tackle the worlds biggest challenge: Climate change

In this course you will deal with the biggest challenge of the 21st century: Climate change. From the daily wild fires in Australia to the flooding’s in Limburg last year, climate change is starting to have its effects on our planet. You will take a look at the data behind climate change.

The bachelor studies that are partly or exclusively concerned with climate change are Management, Society and Technology, University College TwenteCivil Engineering and Advanced Technology

During this course you will use satellite observations to asses the state of local climates. You will look at variables such a temperature, soil moisture and snow. Together with state-of-the-art global data sets you will make assessments and predictions about the climate. During the course renowned climate scientist will share their knowledge and expertise. 

Example topics for this course:

Course aim:


The course exists of 6 course blocks. Below you can find a small description of each block. Check the programme page for the division of the blocks in the schedule. Please note that these are preliminary descriptions, and can be changed in the future.

Block 1; Using data to measure and understand climate change

 During this first session, we will start with an introduction and you will be introduced to your fellow students and course givers. Then, we will focus on what you already know from climate change and complete this with a lecture about the causes and consequences of climate change. Next to this, you will learn how to measure climate change using satellite data and how to read satellite images.   

Block 2; Oceans as planetary heat pumps

In this block you will learn all about the importance of the oceans in regulating global temperature and how they respond to global warming. The importance of the ocean is often overlooked, even though approximately 2/3th of the earth surface is covered by water. You will start with the course project, taking a closer look at on of the regions on earth.

Block 3; Lab visit

During this session we will have a visit to the lab, where you will see and learn about all kinds of research and equipment used to combat climate change.  

Block 4; Biodiversity

This block is all about biodiversity. You will learn about, amongst other things, biodiversity, ecosystems, and habitat loss related to climate change. You will use the “Climate from Space” web application to explore changes to abiotic factors affecting a habitat and the consequences of that on the local species.  You will go into detailed research for the region of your project, and see how climate change has impacted this region.

Block 5; Urban hotspots

In this second to last session, you will learn how the urban environment responds to climate change. You will learn what the urban heat island effect is and how it is caused by the built environment.  You will be introduced into the topic of fighting climate change, and what already has been done to lower the impact of climate change.

Block 6; Hot to fight climate change?

During this final session you will listen to an inspirational guest lecture from someone that actively contributes to fighting climate change. After this lecture you can combine all the information that was gained throughout the course to create an overview of the region of your choice. What has been done in the region to combat climate change? How can the region improve their efforts? What effects did climate change already have on the region? 

Course guides

Anouk Rolink
  • Age; 22 years old
  • Study; Business Administration, Health Sciences
  • Study year; 5th year student, 1st year master student
  • Hobbies; Going to the gym, playing trumpet, partying and traveling with friends
Jette Slettenhaar
  • Age; 23 years old
  • Study; Biomedical Engineering
  • Study year; 1st year master student
  • Hobbies; Playing hockey, having a drink with friends, travelling
Reinier de Waard
  • Age; 21 years old
  • Study; Electrical Engineering
  • Study year; 3rd year student
  • Hobbies; Baking and reading

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