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Learn about entrepreneurship and the business market

In this course you will learn how to run your own business. To reach this goal you will learn how to set up a lean model canvas, what lean start-up is, how to develop a marketing strategy and how to negotiate. All this will lead to a business plan for your own start-up.

The bachelor studies that are partly or exclusively concerned with entrepreneurship are Advanced Technology, University College TwenteBusiness & ITInternational Business Administration and Industrial Engineering and Management. 

This course is about ‘entrepreneurship’ and this is a key research theme at the University of Twente. For an entrepreneur various characteristics are important, like being enterprising, headstrong, performance-driven and risk-taking to some extent. Also strategy, finance, marketing, Human Resource Management (HRM) and product development are important themes in entrepreneurship. 

Example topics for this course:

Course aim:

Course blocks

The course exists of 6 course blocks. Below you can find a small description of each block. Check the programme page for the division of the blocks in the schedule. Please note that these are preliminary descriptions, and can be changed in the future.

Block 1; Introduction

During the first block you will be introduced to the content of the course. We will start with an information lecture on what a start-up company actually entails. What is entrepreneurship, what is an innovation, different branches of companies, what is a business model canvas?  You will receive an explanation about brainstorming, and after that you will brainstorm about the branch of business in which you would like to start up your own business. And most importantly, what kind of company you want to create!

Block 2; Lean model canvas

During this block you will learn what a lean start-up is and what the lean model canvas is about and how you can use it for your own company.  The block starts with a small explanation and afterwards you will employ your newly gained knowledge on your own company.

Block 3; Lean Start-Up

During this block we will dive deeper into the concept of a Lean-Start-Up. You will brainstorm with your fellow entrepreneurs about the details of your start-up. During this block your company will really start to get shape!

Block 4; Marketing

Marketing is one the more important aspects of starting a company. Customers need to find your company! During this block will learn the basics of creating a marketing strategy for you start-up. Topics like the marketing mix, brand identity and the financing of your company will be discussed and implemented.

Block 5; Run your business

During this block we will have a guest speaker talk about his own start-up business. Check this page for more information! You can use this new knowledge on your own company!

Block 6; The investment game;

During the last block we will play the investing game. Every group will create a appealing poster about their company, to convince others to invest in their company. Based on this poster, other groups have to choose whether to invest in your company or not. You will receive your own starting capital and you can judge if you want to invest in the companies of the other groups.  During the last day on the Inspire-U expo, attendees will chose the best start-up of the bunch.

Course guides

Bas Kleine Schaarsberg
  • Age; 24 years old
  • Study; Educational Sciences & Technology
  • Study year; 1st year master student
  • Hobbies; Tennis, hockey, cooking, reading, painting
Hans Mulder
  • Age; 25 years old
  • Study; Business Administration
  • Study year; 1st year master student
  • Hobbies; Cooking
Anouk Beurgenes
  • Age; 21 years old
  • Study; Applied Mathematics
  • Study year; 1st year master student
  • Hobbies; Athletics, football, running, cycling, reading, puzzles and cooking
Simone Langevoort
  • Age; 19 years old
  • Study; Management, Society and Technology
  • Study year; 2nd year student
  • Hobbies; Hockey, having a drink with friends
Katja Lindenaar
  • Age; 20 years old
  • Study; Management, Society and Technology
  • Study year; 2nd year student
  • Hobbies; Sailing and Netflix

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