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Take a dive in the world of health research and conduct your own medical research

Technology has become an indispensable part of today’s healthcare practice. It has its use in every stage of care: from prevention and diagnosis to monitoring and treatment. Furthermore, research is constantly being conducted to improve health care by developing and implementing new medical technologies.

The bachelor studies that are partly or exclusively concerned with health are PsychologyBiomedical EngineeringTechnical Medicine and Health Sciences.  

During this course, you will take a closer look at different medical techniques, like ECG, EEG and EMG and bring these techniques to practice. You will learn about self-monitoring systems (wearables) in health care and design such a wearable to improve the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of a pathology in a smart and innovative way. You will present and discuss the final outcome in a multidisciplinary consultation and try to convince everyone of your awesome idea!

University of Twente houses a leading Innovation Hub impacting healthcare, called the TechMed Centre.It is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure ranging from research labs to simulated hospital environments, such as a hypermodern ICU and OR. During the summer course, you will discover the TechMed centre and make use of some of the facilities they offer, to conduct your own technical medical experiments. 

Example topics for this course:

Course aim:


The course exists of 6 course blocks. Below you can find a small description of each block. Check the programme page for the division of the blocks in the schedule. Please note that these are preliminary descriptions, and can be changed in the future.

Block 1; Wearables

During this first block you will be introduced to the course and to your fellow students. You will learn about wearables in healthcare and how to conduct a scientific research. Furthermore, you will get a guided tour of the TechMed Simulation Centre (TMSC) and and start off with the project: designing your own wearable!

Block 2; Cardiovascular system

You will be introduced to a patient case and you will learn about the cardiovascular system. Furthermore, you will also learn about electrocardiography (ECG) and follow an inspirational guest lecture on wearable technologies. Finally, you will work on your project.

Block 3; ECG

Today, you will dive deeper into the theory behind ECG. You will perform your own ECG recording on one of your fellow students at the TMSC and work on your project. Furthermore, you will find out about the diagnosis of our patient case and how a wearable technology could be of help for this patient.

Block 4; Neural system & EEG

We will start off with a new patient case and you will gain knowledge of the human neural system. You will learn about electroencephalography (EEG) and watch a demonstration of a real EEG recording at the TMSC. Moreover, you will continue working on your project and learn about optimal care and some ethical issues that can be in place with technological innovation in healthcare

Block 5; EMG & Signal processing

You will be introduced to a new patient case and learn about electromyography (EMG). Moreover, you will learn about signal processing and why this is important to do before interpreting the obtained signal. You will record your own EMG during muscle contraction at the TMSC and derive the value of an unknown weight from this.

Block 6; Multidisciplinary consultation

There will be a quiz to recap everything we’ve been doing during the past week. After this, you will design a poster for your wearable and present it to the other teams. During a multidisciplinary consultation, you will discuss all research proposals from different perspectives and a winner will be chosen, before wrapping up the course.

Course guides

Merel Hodes
  • Age; 20 years old
  • Study; Biomedical Engineering
  • Study year; 2nd year student
  • Hobbies; Reading, having a drink with friends
Lisette Masselink
  • Age; 22 years old
  • Study; Biomedical Engineering
  • Study year; 1st year master student
  • Hobbies; Cycling, tennis, running
Carmen Gelpke
  • Age; 22 years old
  • Study; Technical Medicine
  • Study year; 1ste year master students
  • Hobbies; ballroom dancing, salsa (dancing in general)

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