Inspire-U: Battle of the robots

Course Summary: battle of the robots

Robots play an increasingly important role in our lives. Think about robots in a toyshop, welding robots in a car factory and care robots in a hospital. The specific tasks of a robot are dependent of programming. Where some robots are repeating constantly the same tasks, other robots do something dependent on their environment. In this course you will learn how a robot ‘thinks’, how to program a robot and how to perform tasks by a robot. You will also program a robot by yourselves. 

Battle of the Robots - Course Leader
Dominique Weijers
InspireU Course Leader

Hi! I'm Dominique Weijers, a Business & IT (BiT) student at the University of Twente. I love studying BiT because I learn a lot about both Technical Computer Science and Industrial Engeneering Management. In my spare time I enjoy playing video games, watching Netflix and doing small Arduino projects for fun.  

The latter part is what sparks my interest in Robotics, and why I am looking forward to giving this course. I’m excited to employ my knowledge and teach you something new! Hopefully, I will see you all during Inspire-U!

Remco Loof
InspireU Course Leader

Hello! My name is Remco Loof and currently I’m studying Business & IT at the University of Twente. In my spare time I like to sport and hang out with my friends. Furthermore I’m interested in robotics and excited of what the future of robotics has to offer. I’m looking forward to introduce you to the world of robotics!


This course is about robotics and this is a key research theme at the University of Twente. In this research theme they are especially working on the application of robots. Examples of robot application areas are inspection robots (UAVs, UGVs, UUVS), medical robots (assistance to surgeons, diagnostics) and service robots (street cleaning, service to people). The bachelor studies that are partly or exclusively concerned with robotics are Advanced Technology, Creative Technology, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Technical Computer Science.

Detailed Course Overview

Part 1 - Big Robots Think in Small Steps

A general introduction to the course and robotics in general. How does a robot think, and what is functional decomposition? 

Part 2 - Basics of Programming

During this course, we delve deeper into logic theory and programming syntax and programming basics in general. 

Part 3 - Build your Robot

During this session, we expore the robot's sensors and C/C++ programming. Info about the Sumo tournament and the general rule explanation, as well as the programming of the robot and the implementation of the strategy is done after.

Part 4 - Boost your Robot

Tips and tricks for different strategies, implementing your final strategy and finalizing your Robot are done in this session. You also create a short presentation about your strategy. 

Part 5 - Battle of the Robots

During this session, the final presentations as well as the tournament and the award ceremony take place. 

Course details:

  • Methods: Interactive lectures, tutorials, group work
  • Course level: Intermediate
  • Target group: High school students preparing for a bachelor’s programme at an University (minimum age of 15 years) with an interest in robotics

Get inspired!


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