We offer four great courses based on inspirational topics

Course overview: InspireU 2018

Heads up: There is a limit of 25 participants in each course. Check the admission form to see the availability for your preferred course. The courses are based on the Pre-U masterclasses.   

Getting to know the course leaders


A big part of InspireU is the general festival vibe. We're organizing a bunch of activities where elements of sports, music and entertainment will be brought together to create the ultimate festival experience. On the final day of InspireU, the experiences and knowledge gathered during the four courses will be combined and used in a brainstorm session about a modern problem in the form of a Think Tank. This happens in groups, which consist of members of all four courses. 

A wise man once said: A strong breakfast is the cornerstone of productivity. Once you’re all fired up, you’ll join in the morning session of your course for the day. That might be a workshop, a lecture or a project depending on the programme you choose. You’ll then join the other festival-goers for a themed lunch in an informal, interactive setting. After lunch you’ll dive back into your course. The evenings are devoted to the festival with plenty of fun and socializing. Keynote speakers will share their story about interesting topics during InspireU as well.