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Meet the team

Project Manager
Joey Pals
We can make it into something wonderful, we'll never say goodbye

Joey is InspireU's project manager. He coordinates the different teams and makes sure that all projects are delivered on-time and within scope of the budget. He also manages the relationships with various internal stakeholders and clients. 

Course Manager
Laura Ooms

Laura is InspireU's course manager. Her main responsibility revolves around the courses of InspireU. She manages and organizes the course structure, and makes sure the content is top-notch! 

Facility Manager
Anne-Fleur Karssing
To inspire is great, to be inspired is incredible

Anne-Fleur is responsible for the different facilities required for InspireU. 

Marketing Manager
Laura de Ridder
Creativity is intelligence having fun

Laura is one of the two InspireU marketing managers. Her main responsibilities revolve around the InspireU marketing campaign, using Facebook and Google Adwords, and the visual representation of various marketing tools. 

Marketing Manager
Daan Sluman
If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door

Daan is, together with Laura, responsible for the marketing of InspireU. This involves managing the website and different marketing channels, as well as communicating about deadlines and targets.