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Essential Information Inspire-U

On this page you will find all the last info you need for the inspire-u summercamp

The countdown to Inspire-U 2022 has started. Only 12 days to go! Together with 72 participants from 22 different nationalities it must become a great week. You are divided over 4 different courses.

Do you become as enthusiastic as we do while reading about all these diversities? We are so excited to meet each other, learn with and from each other and above all, make a lot of fun!

Below you find all the last information you need before joining us. Please read it very carefully.

Travel information

When you have landed in the Netherlands, you can take public transport to Inspire-U Basecamp. You will have to travel to “Hengelo Centraal station”. On the website at the FAQ, you can find specific information about how to travel to this railway station from airports close to the Inspire-U camp. From Hengelo Railway station you will have to take bus number 9, Directed to “Enschede Centraal Station”. This bus departs every half hour at 12 minutes to the hour and 18 minutes past the hour. Please note that Cash payments are NOT available to buy a bus ticket, so make sure you have a payment card. You will have to exit the bus at the stop called: Kennispark/UT. From there you can walk to the Inspire-U Basecamp using the map below and following the red line.

If you are travelling from Munster airport or by train from Germany, you can travel to Enschede Centraal Station. From this station you can take bus 9, which departs every 30 minutes; 3 minutes before the hour and 27 minutes after hour. You need to exit the bus at the stop "Kennispark/UT". From there you can walk to the Inspire-U Basecamp using the map below and following the red line.

Buying train and bus tickets

You can purchase your train ticket at the departure station using on of the NS ticket machines. Please note that you will have the use the machine with the Blue head sign. (see the picture below). These machines accept cash and payment cards.

A bus ticket can be bought in the bus itself using a payment card. Please note that cash payments are not available in the bus.

Inspire-U basecamp address

The address of Inspire-U basecamp is (for navigation):
Street: Calslaan 156  
Postcode: 7522MJ
City: Enschede
Google Maps


On the 24th of July there is the possibility to check in from 14h00-18h00. If you arrive later, please let us know. If you arrive on basecamp, we will be there to welcome you. We will go through all the practical information, show your bed and the festival terrain. This is also the place where you can pick-up the bedsheets and towels if you reserved them. They can be paid by card. If your parents bring you, they can stay till 18h00. At 18h00 we will have diner, and this is for participants and Inspire-Crew only.


You may already have received emails about installing Canvas and registering. You can ignore these emails. Do not delete them however! We will register on Canvas together during Inspire-U.


Via this link you can check the pdf’s of the programme per course. Go have a look and see all the fun stuff that we have planned for you.

One week before InspireU, you will receive an email invitation to download the University of Twente Campus app. In the campus app we’ve uploaded the programme. So you can check everything there so make sure you download the app!

  1. Go to the app store or play store on your phone
  2. Search for “Campus – University of Twente”
  3. Download the app
  4. Log in with the email you entered when you registered
  5. Click on the three lines and go to 'Meetings'
  6. Here you can see the program and find important information.

Packing list

For the summercamp you will need to bring several items to ensure a good stay! Below you will find a list of necessities. Keep in mind that this page might be updated in the future so check it shortly in advance of the summercamp!


  1. Laptop + adapter (European connection, type c or type f)
    1. If you are not able to take a laptop with you, there is the possibility to reserve one with us. Please fill in the questionnaire. 
  2. Passport
  3. Visa (in case needed) 
  4. International health insurance 
  5. Travel insurance
  6. Emergency numbers of parents and flight documents
  7. Cash (€50,- is more than enough) 
  8. Medicine
  9. Mobile phone + adapter (European connection, type c or type f)
  10. Cloths for the week
    1. Sporty outfit Swimsuit Casual (no uniform needed during education) 
      1. Check the weather forecasts in the Netherlands the week before you leave, because the weather can differ a lot. 
    2. Good shoes
    3. White shirt for the Closing party
  11. Sleeping gear
    1. Option 1
      1. Pillow cover
      2. Mattress cover/fitted sheet
      3. Bed sheet
    2. Option 2
      1. Sleeping bag 
      2. Pillow cover
    3. Option 3
      1. It’s possible to make a reservation for bed sheets. You can do that by filling in the questionnaire.
  12. Toiletries
  13. Towel
  14. Sunscreen


If you still haven’t filled in the questionnaire, please do this as soon as possible. It is essential for your own safety that you give us this information. The final deadline is July 15th. Due to the external catering, all the dietary requirements must be known be then.

Inspire-U expo & check out

On the final day of the Inspire-U summer camp a expo will be hosted. On this expo you will share everything that you have created during the camp. Parents are welcome to visit the Inspire-U expo!  You can, or have already, filled in the amount of people that will join in the questionnaire. They are welcome from 11:45 at the Inspire-U basecamp. From 12:00 till 13:00 we will have a lunch together with the parents. There will be vegetarian options for the guests, if you have any other allergies or dietary wishes, we cannot guarantee that these will be accounted for. The expo will start at 13:30 and from 15:00 till 15:30 we will end the camp with a closing ceremony.