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Next to our summer camp courses you can enjoy our festival programme built around the courses. The festival programme includes keynote speakers, entertainment and social activities, and is meant to create an environment in which you can relax and have fun. We want you to learn something during your courses, and simultaniously create new experiences and memories by doing awesome things. 


During Inspire-U, every day is different. We put a lot of effort in making sure that your experiences during our summer camp are memorable, and we believe that adding a large diversity in the programme plays a large role in achieving that. We don't want you to be bored, but we don't want you to feel overloaded with activities and schedules either.

The silver lining: everything is possible, nothing is compulsory. Would you rather crash down in a comfy bean bag on the festival site after a tough course and spray your friends with a Super Soaker? Go right ahead! Are you not the type to sit still and do you want to be as active as possible? We've got you covered as well, with activitees to participate in during all times of the day! There is something for everyone. 

Below, you can find an preliminary version of the Inspire-U programme. Nothing is set in stone yet, but it gives you a good feel for what your days might look like. 

  • Breakfast and Sports

    The key to waking up effectively and kickstarting your day is exercise. For those up for the challenge, we've organised different workout sessions every morning. A good breakfast is invaluable in this process, making sure you start of the day just right!

  • Keynote Speakers

    During the course of InspireU, we've invited multiple inspiring figures to share their stories. Their respective fields overlap with the different InspireU courses, guaranteeing a story or talk that matches your own interests.

  • Courses

    Every day, you take part in your respective courses. During these courses, you join your course mates to delve deep into topics of your particular interest. 

  • Summer Sports and Barbeque

    Good music, good food and good people make up for an excellent afternoon/evening, allowing you to relax and have a great time over food and fun. The festival area is going to be lithered with fun attributes for you to fully exploit! 

  • Enschede Citygame

    Discover the city of Enschede during an exciting city game. In groups you will explore Enschede during a game. Want to know more about Enschede?

  • Company visit

    During the 4th of day of the camp you will go on a excursion to a company in the city of Enschede. 

  • Parties

    In the evenings it is time for some fun! 2 parties will be hosted during the camp, giving you all the oppertunity to dance and chill with your new friends. The second party will be hosted at the universities swimming pool, so you can take a fresh dive after the dancing!

  • Inspire-U Expo

    On the last day of the camp you will have the opportunity to show everything you learned and created during the courses to your fellow students. And you can see what was done by the students participating in the other courses!

  • Science on Tour pubquiz

    Science on tour is a part of our organisation which organises all kinds of cool demonstrations aimed at scientific experiments or natural phenomena’s. On this evening they will organise a pub quiz, testing your knowledge on the world of science!

An inspiring taste!

Do you want to see what a typical day during the Inspire-U summer camp looks like? Take a look on the impression page! The pictures there we're taken during Inspire-U summer camp 2018. 

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