Inspire-U summer camp 12-17 August, 2018

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Do you want an inspiring way to spend your summer 2018? If so, the high school summer camp: Inspire-U is the perfect way for you to do so!

InspireU combines a unique summer camp at the campus of the University of Twente with a festival and thus provides you with a unique experience: academic courses, music, sports, entertainment and inspirational speakers all in one place! Amazing, right? 

Our summer camp is an event for both international and Dutch students who haven't yet started their university careers, but are finishing up their high school education. If you are at least 15 years of age and in your later to final stage of high school, summer camp InspireU is for you. Keep in mind that InspireU is an English event. Although there is no official language check, an intermediate level of understanding and speaking the English language is highly recommended. You can find more info on the admission requirements here!

InspireU summer camp will take place on 12 - 17 August, 2018. The official program starts on the 13th, but (international) students can check in from the 12th. 


We have set up four innovative courses for this summer camp, which are aimed at technology and development. As a participant, you pick one of these courses to focus on during the summer camp. The courses are summed up below:

What does it cost?

We offer a complete package. This package consists of the course, the festival programme, food and accommodation. Individual tickets are €395, group tickets are €375,- per person. The package consists of the following components:

Heads up: this complete package does not include travel expenses. 

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InspireU brings a summer camp paired with a festival vibe. In reality, this means that the courses go hand in hand with an atmosphere wherein music, sports and entertainment are well represented. Innovative and inspirational speakers join on special moments during the summer camp, and share stories that are closely tied to the program. All this happens on the dazzling campus of the University of Twente. 


The official language during InspireU is English. This means that all courses and talks from guest speakers will be in English. This provides you with a great opportunity to improve your English language skills, be it speaking, listening or reading. Like mentioned earlier, InspireU is an event for students who haven't yet started their university careers, but are in finishing up their high school education. If you are in the later to final stage of your high school career, planning to start a bachelor study at a university, and are at least 15 years of age at the time of InspireU taking place, you are good to go admission wise. You can find more info on the admission requirements here!

Speak Up Summer Camp

If you want to improve your English Language skills, then join the English language course Speak Up Summer Camp. It's designed especially for InspireU participants to improve your level of English and boost your confidence before the start of the InspireU summer camp.   


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no high school student anymore?

Have a look at summer camp CuriousU. CuriousU is an event for both international and Dutch students who have already started their university careers. 

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