Programme committee BSc programme TBK and MSc programme IEM

The Programme Committee is an advising committee constituted with an equal number of students and staff, chaired by a lecturer. The committee advises the programme director about all educational affairs. The relevance is in the practical experience that is brought into consideration. The programme director takes advises seriously and will always clarify her decision making. An important issue is the quality assurance of the programme and the modules/courses in many ways.

FAculty regulations  

Faculty regulations BMS, reference: BMS 16.32. Adopted by the dean, with the consent of the Faculty Council and with the approval of the Executive Board, on 23-11-2016. Information regarding the programme committee see articles 16 and 17 of the faculty regulations (dutch).

documentation and training

We collected and published some documents and articles that can be very useful for the members of the Programme Committee. If you are interested, please click here.  

prof.dr.ir.E.W. Hans (chair)
prof.dr. M.E. Iacob 
dr. D. Demirtas

Yoran Nijenhuis
Thijs Baalbergen
Jedidja Visser

dr.ir. J.M.J. Schutten (programme director) 
Huub Stroet (adviser / Commissioner of Education Stress)

Secretary and contact

meeting schedule

14 May 2018, from 12.30 hrs until 14.00 hrs
4 June 2018, from 12.30 hrs until 14.00 hrs
2 July 2018, from 12.30 hrs until 14.00 hrs


Information for students members 

As a student member you are entitled to a fee for participation in the OLC meetings. For instructions click here.