Healthand Safety

RSI/CANS is the most significant risk to health while studying at the faculty BMS, especially when working with a laptop or tablet. Do you take your health seriously, as a result of which you want to know more about working with a computer and RSI? Then please take a look at the following websites, where you can also find practical tips for prevention of RSI (what goes for a laptop goes even more for a tablet).

More information about RSI
For the RSI telephone helpline you can dial 0900-7745456 or 0900-RSILIJN.

Or you can contact (one of) the following persons:

  • Monique van Velthoven, health, safety and environment coordinator BMS/SMG,
    tel. 053 489 3828,; for general advice and assistance concerning RSI.
  • Medical Service UT, tel. 053-2030204, or your own family doctor; in case of specific symptoms which may be RSI related.
  • Student Counselling Service, tel. 053- 4892035,
  • for information on ways in which you can extend your study period, postpone examinations and receive further assistance to RSI related complaints.
  • Student Psychologist, tel. 053- 4892035,
  • for underlying personal factors which may play a role in the development of RSI; the services are free of charge and no referral is required.

Do you want to prevent escalation of an emergency?Always dial (053-489) 2222, the central alarm number UT for reporting an emergency.

In case of a partial evacuation Ravelijn, the assembly point is Atrium Ravelijn and in case of a total evacuation Ravelijn canteen Waaier is the assembly point, unless members of the first aid team or evacuators tell you otherwise.

If you have any questions about safety issues, you can also contact Monique van Velthoven, (see above).