Individual study programme

Individual study programme


1.Select the course registration form of your master track.

2.Enter your personal data: student number, first name, last name, email address and phone number.

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3.Choose your courses by selecting them in the drop down menu. When you have selected the course name or a course number, the quarter in which it is given and the number of ECs will appear automatically.

In the ‘track specific courses’ section you can find the courses obliged within the master track.

track specific courses

4.After selecting your ‘track specific courses’ you can choose ‘IDE courses ‘ and ‘Electives courses’. ‘IDE courses’ are courses offered by the other IDE master tracks. ‘Elective courses’ are other courses offered by the faculty of Engineering Technology.

5.If you want to choose a course that is not listed, it is possible to enter it in this section.

elective courses

6.After completing this digital form, you have to sign it. At the end of this document you can find how to make a digital signature for this purpose.

7.Directly after signing the form with your digital signature, it is required to save the file.

If you want to make any changes to your form after signing, you first need to clear your signature. This unlocks the form and allows for modifications.


8.If you click on ‘Submit to trackcoordinator’ you will be asked which Email Client you want to use. The following window will appear.

select email client

9.Select an Email Client and press OK. Follow the on-sreen instructions to send the form to your track coordinator. Before a new signature box will appear that needs to be signed by your track coordinator.

It is possible to make changes to your programme by consulting your track coordinator.

To be able to sign a digital form, you need to make a digital signature. To do this, click on the signature field of the form you want to sign. After clicking, the following window will appear. Please enter your personal data here. digital signature

Click on Next.

The following window will appear. Choose a password. You will need this password any time you want to use your digital signature finish

Click on Finish.

To sign the form, you need to enter your password. It is possible to add a picture with your hand written signature (Appearance – Create new Appearance). If you do not add a picture, only your name will appear. sign document

Click on Sign to finish the procedure.