Educational Committee

The Educational Committee is an advisory organisation established by law and consists of an equal number of lecturers and students. Main task of the Educational Committee is to provide advice in the preparation of the education and examination regulations. The Educational Committee advises the Programme Director in the execution of the educational programmes. Educational evaluations form the basis of this advice.

  • Chairman: Prof. M.C. van der Voort
  • Secretary: Dr. (rer.nat.) C. Gelhard


  • R. Loendersloot
  • Dr. (rer.nat.) C. Gelhard
  • Jaurequi Becker
  • Prof. M.C. van der Voort

Student members:

  • T.C. Boogerd
  • V.C.J. van den Groenendal
  • E. Bohan
  • J. J. Kopinsky


  • R. Hagen (Study Association S.G. Daedalus)