The IDE study programme, like all other study programmes at the University, is scheduled conform the academic calendar. This calendar lists the start date of the academic year, lecture and exam weeks, holiday periods, etc.

The Master’s curriculum is divided into four quarters of ten weeks each. The study load for each quarter is 15 EC (= 420 hours). The total study load for the two-year Master’s programme is therefore 120 EC. The programme is full-time. The first five quarters of the Master’s programme consist of courses (75 EC); the final three quarters (45 EC) are spent on the Master’s project (thesis).
The exact set of courses in your study programme is dependent on the master track to which you are subscribed as well as your own preferences. Each track contains a number of characteristic and core courses and a Master’s project in line with the track’s specialisation. Furthermore, a student can participate in a selection of Industrial Design Engineering courses and many others optional courses. At the beginning of the Master’s programme, each student discusses the courses of the individual Master’s programme and the Master’s project with the assigned track coordinator. Specific courses may be included in the Master’s programme to enable the student to complete the Master’s project successfully. The entire Master’s programme (courses and final project) requires approval from the track coordinator.

The planning of lectures can be found in the timetables.


Additional information on the set-up of the IDE Master’s programme at the University of Twente can be found in the critical reflection.

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Masterpieces 2016
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