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Faculty ET

Industrial Design Engineering is one of the five master programmes organised by the faculty of Engineering Technology (ET). Like the programmes in Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, the programme in Industrial Design Engineering is a continuation of the bachelor programme in Industrial Design Engineering and it allows students to do a specialisation within a sub-discipline within the domain.

Education and research

The programme is largely carried by eight co-operating research chairs; Design Engineering (from 1 July Prof. Ian Gibson ); Human Centred Design (Prof. dr. ir. M.C. Voort); Integrated Life Cycle Management ( M.W. Groll); Interaction Design (Prof. I.K. Koskinen); Maintenance Engineering ( L.A.M. van Dongen); Product Market Relations ( J. Henseler); Packaging Design and Management ( R. ten Klooster) and Production Management (vacancy). Next to the efforts of these primary contributors, many other chairs in the faculty contribute to both the Bachelor’s and the Master’s programme.

The secretary of the above mentioned chairs (the OPM secretary) can be found in Horst W242.

Faculty Council

The management team of the Faculty is advised by the Faculty Council. The council has the right of consent on certain issues regarding research, education and finance. In practice the council protects the interests of staff and students of the Faculty. The council consists of five staff and five student members.