Programme Director

Van den Boomgaard
Thonie van den Boomgaard

Office: Buitenhorst, BH 114
Phone: +31 53 489 4756 
Present: Mo-Fri

Secretary: Brigit Rödel 
Office: Buitenhorst, BH 119
Phone: +31 53 489 3913
Present: Tue,Thu, Fri

The programme director is in charge of the Industrial Design programme as a whole, and plays a key role in the development of the faculty education policy, organization of education and student counseling, and maintenance and improvement of the quality of education. The programme director writes the ID education and exam regulations and ensures that all courses in the curriculum are provided.

The programme director is head of the applications committee, permanent advisor to both the faculty committee and the exam committee, and is a member of the faculty’s disciplinary board and advisory appointment committee.