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Examination board

The examination board is responsible for upholding the quality of the Industrial Design Engineering programme. It is also the body that determines whether students have met all the programme requirements before graduating.


The Examination Board comprises the following members:

  • H.F.J.M. Koopman (president)
  • Ir. I.F. Lutters-Weustink (secretary)
  • Prof.dr. J. Henseler
  • dr. ir. W. Eggink
  • Ir. F. van Dijk (external member)

The president and secretary carry out board responsibilities on a daily basis. The Examination Board can be reached via the secretary, by email.

Ir. I.F. Lutters-Weustink
University of Twente
Horstring W-238
PO Box 217
7500 AE, Enschede


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