Student activism and participation

student union 

Student Union is a non-profit organization that strive to make your student time completely terrific! We believe that your student time should be more than just studying. Therefore, we try everything to make this as unforgettable, educating, and cheap as possible. You can therefore regard to us as representative of the students’ and associations’ interests.

The thing that makes the University of Twente unique, is that almost every student is active at an association: not only as participant of activities, but also as organizer of these activities. By deploying all these active students, and the possibilities the university has to offer, the student life of Enschede is as vivid as it is.


The Sports Centre is the organizational center for all sports on the beautiful Campus. The back office deals with everything that has a link with sports at the University of Twente. The Service Desk employees will help you with all your questions about sports on campus. 


The Campus of the University of Twente is an important location for arts and events. Students and professional companies perform, give lectures, concerts, cabaret performances, dances, expositions and workshops. Cultural events are held in the Vrijhof, in the Open Air Theater and sometimes on the O&O square.

University Council

The University Council is the central participation body of the UT and discusses regularly with the Executive Board. The University Council contains of 18 members; nine staff members and nine students. The University Council has a say in the policy of the UT at the central level.