Bachelor International Business Administration (for current students)

The Education and Examination Regulation (EER) of the faculty BMS states the conditions with regard to knowledge, insight and skills for students to obtain a degree, rules regarding education and examinations and the tasks and competences of the examination boards. One of the tasks of the examination boards is to set up Rules and Regulations (R&R) on how to execute the requirements and powers from the EER. If you need to make a request to the examination board you need both the information in the EER and the R&R.
The Education and Examination regulations are described in the Student Charter which consist of the institutional part,
the BMS guideline for education and examination regulations for bachelor's programmes and the IBA programme-specific appendix

Students that started the Programme in 2016 or earlier are strongly advised to take notice of the new rules for extended validity of grades and transition rules. The rules for extended validity of grades are also applied on modules of 2016-2017. This may result in consequenses for study planning of students who didn't  pass a module in 2016-2017

For all regulations, including the Rules and regulations of the BMS Examination board look at the BMS examination board


Rules and regulations of the examination boards Faculty BMS
Education and examination regulations Faculty BMS
IBA programme specific appendis EER 2017-2018
Explaining changes in EER 2017-2018
Compensation rules 1st year students
BMS bachelor guideline EER 2017-2018
How to act in case you have a complaint of constructive feedback
Good management and scientific integrity
Ethics Committee

For Individual arrangements students need to contact their study-advisor. In case a student needs a letter of recommendation,we ask the student to prepare a draft letter themselves. With support of the study-advisor the document will be finalised and signed by the IBA programme director.
Students need to be aware that these kind of requests need time for processing.