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The University of Twente (Study International Business Administration) looks for businesses interested in an AdWords campaign

Call for Partners

The increasing importance and impact of digital technologies on the Marketing practice of today requires a new generation of marketers: Professionals who understand technology and can implement it as part of their marketing toolbox. The University of Twente has developed the last years a state-of-the-art education for future Marketers with focus on Digital Marketing. The objective of our Digital Marketing education programs is to provide students with the knowledge and skills essential for developing strategies and executing marketing plans in digital marketing environments.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the fastest growing areas of marketing today and our students develop their skills in SEM during by participating in a project in partnership with real businesses. The AdWords Marketing Challenge is a practical project with main objective to train our students in designing, developing and executing an online Search Engine Marketing campaign using the Google AdWords tools. In this project, our groups are working together with real companies as partners.

Participating Partners in the 2018 Challenge

Co-organizer Team Nijhuis

Phillips Innovation Services

Omroep Gelderland





Khanem Fashion B.V



ANRO Juwelen BV



Invest Online

Ondernemen 2.0

Bouwsubsidie Nederland


ProMedi BV




Sterk in Bedrijf

Xigna bv


Move Your Crowd


CRM Partners





Bureau Strak

Arcade Bouw Consult BV

Altios Cloud Experts





PIN Voorschot

STYB Bedrijfsondersteuning


Wij regelen

IBA studies (UT)

Benefits & Participation

The project is beneficial for the partner companies in many ways: The students conduct a diagnostic audit about the company’s website and online strategy, develop and execute a 3-week AdWords campaign and produce a report with their findings, campaign results, and recommendations for improvements. (more details below). The students participating in this project are second year students of the study International Business Administration (IBA) who follow the elective Module Digital Marketing for Networked Businesses.

Partnership Applications Now Open

We are looking for small and medium enterprises, tech companies, startups, online shops, non-profits, and government organizations to partner with our student work groups in the context of the AdWords Marketing Challenge Initiative. Project language: English.

The application form is available below. The project will start on February 2018.

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From February to April 2018 the University of Twente holds the AdWords Marketing Challenge. Partner companies have the opportunity to collaborate directly a group of students Digital Marketing who will design and implement a complete Adwords campaign for a period of 3 weeks. Partner companies in this project are asked to invest 500 Euros in this project and will receive a value package estimated at 3.500 Euros, which includes a full audit of their online presence (web site), a search engine marketing campaign strategy, a 3-weeks Adwords campaign, and a report with a post-campaign evaluation and recommendations for the future online strategy.

The students are trained and supervised by some of the best UT marketing teachers and professionals in the field of digital marketing, such as Team Nijhuis. The role of the partner businesses will be limited to an initial briefing of the group, the designation of a contact person in case of questions and the participation in the final symposium where all groups present their work in a poster and some of the groups also make a presentation to the whole class.

Social proof

During the last 3 years, our student groups participated in a similar project offered by Google (Google Online Marketing Challenge);  over 250 of our students worked with more than 50 companies and helped them increase qualified traffic on their websites, increase brand awareness, gain new customers, increase conversions, make improvements to their websites and develop strategies for cost-effective marketing campaigns.

More information?

dr. E. Constantinides (Efthymios)
Efthymios Constantinides
Assistant Professor Digital Marketing


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