Study Programme 2017-2018

Bachelor year 2

B2 modules

Module 1:

Strategy, Marketing and Economics

Module 2: 

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Module 3:

IBA Elective 1, (choice: 1 out of 2)

* Supply Management

* Digital Marketing for Networked

Module 4:

IBA Elective 2,(choice: 1 out of 2)

* Financing Entrepreneurial Start-ups and Innovative firms

Business Innovation through IT Project Management

Alternative choices for IBA electives (permission via study advisor)

* High Tech Talent Management in a Global Context (Q2)

* Innovation and Entrepreneurship Internship (Q1)

Information for 2nd year student

Slides information meeting 2nd year IBA on 11 September 2017
Order of modules in cases of fail for 1 module