IBA STAR Programme

IBA STAR programme: FAIS*

FAIS module offers a STAR‐version of the project (FAIS*) directed at the top 10% of IBA students. The difference with the regular project is related to the academic level of understanding the different components of the module. An in‐depth understanding will be necessary for example in order to apply a theory in a more complex situation or in a changing environment, or to develop insights at a meta level.

We ask the FAIS* students to do the same project as required for the regular students but we want to challenge them in thinking at higher conceptual and analytical levels. FAIS* students need to have proactive and critical attitudes, e.g. they consider underlying assumptions or measurement when analyzing or preparing various business decisions and reporting the results professionally. Students participating in the STAR programme are expected to excel in these skills. FAIS* challenges ambitious students by expecting them to collect and study additional materials and come forward to meet and discuss their views, ideas and results with the experts.

The FAIS*programme

  • The project assignments in FAIS module is more extensive (and possibly more complex) for FAIS* students when they have the required critical attitude. By being proactive and raising their intellectual curiosity, FAIS* students will be challenged a bit more by writing a supplementary to reflect on the assumptions, measurement, and process in the project (in particular, beta estimate, cost of capital estimate, and capital budgeting decision process)
  • FAIS* students will hold additional meetings at regular intervals with academic experts when working on the reflection of the project work.
  • The FAIS* students are expected to demonstrate their excellence in all project assignments and receive score in the top 20% for the overall project grade.

Learning objectives of the FAIS* programme

  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of the concepts and measurements;
  • Reflect on each step of making investment decisions;
  • Grasp the essence of a complex business problem;
  • Handle time pressure.

Assessment criteria

  • Adequately prepare for and actively participate in the discussion with academic experts;
  • Finish a supplementary (of two or three pages) in reflecting on the assumptions, measurements and investment decision process in the project, showing an adequate level of reasoning and coherence;
  • Score in the top 20% for the overall project grade, and pass all the other module components.

Upon successful completion of these assignments the students will receive the STAR for the FAIS module. The IBA diploma supplement will state that the student has successfully completed the FAIS*.

Application to join the FAIS* programme

Students belonging to the top 10% of the IBA programme can submit application by emailing to the

module coordinator before 4 pm Wednesday the 8th of February 2017. Please mention in the e‐mail your motivation and the marks you have obtained in the previous two modules & the components. You will be informed of selection decision within a day or two. With shared ambition, selected FAIS* students are encouraged to form project groups within themselves, unless (s)he chooses a regular project group.