IBA STAR Programme

BOM STAR version 2016-2017

The Business Operations Management (BOM) module STAR version (BOM*)

The BOM module is considered a difficult module. Yet, Operations management is a fundamental knowledge domain in Business Administration. The BOM module challenges students to think analytically and to build arguments based on data. Students that participate in the STAR program are expected to excel in these skills. BOM* challenges ambitious students by giving them more complex versions of assignments and by expecting them to discuss their ideas and results with experts. In addition to these content related challenges, students in BOM* also get the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their leadership capabilities. To create a stimulating environment, the selected students will be placed in BOM* project groups. These groups will more regularly meet with the BOM lecturers for in depth discussions.

Selection criteria:

We look for students that seek to develop more in-depth knowledge and skills in the field of Operations. Students are expected to write a short (max 300 words), but convincing, letter of motivation. Based on both this letter of motivation and the study results in TOP, a selection is made of around 12 students that will be invited to join the BOM* program. To be considered for the BOM* program, students should have passed the exams of the TOP module organized before mid October of their first year of study.

The BOM STAR program:

  • An in-depth case analysis called the Noaber case. In this case you will write an e-mail to the Operations manager and have to defend their plans in a face-to-face meeting with this manager.
  • As an extension of the Spend assignment (a Purchasing assignment), the BOM* students have to present their results to a representative of a municipality in Overijssel.
  • The BOM* students are expected to demonstrate their role of “leaders” in their student-community. Therefore, they are expected to join in sessions in which their colleague (non-STAR) students present their project results. In these sessions the BOM* are expected to provide their peers with advice.
  • The BOM* students will have to demonstrate their excellence in the BOM project. The project is built around a serious game (Fresh Connection). The BOM* students will have to score in the top 20% of this game.

Upon successful completion of these assignments the students will receive the STAR for the BOM module. The IBA diploma supplement will state that the student has successfully completed the BOM*. For students participating in at least three out of five STAR versions of the IBA modules, a special rule for graduation with distinction is stated in the exam regulations .