UT-Flex 2.0 Manuals

Open a new job


All UT staff members can easily create a job in the UT flex 2.0 web application. The job provider can offer an open job for which students can register.

If the student who will be doing the job is already known, the student's name will be entered directly.

Three types of jobs:

  1. student assistantship: job is study-related.
  2. stand-by worker: job is not study-related.
  3. volunteer scheme: specific, simple work such as distributing flyers.

The hourly wage is set at the start of the job. The hourly wage depends on the study phase and the nature of the work.

A short description of how to offer a job in UT flex 2.0 is given below.

Open a new job in UT flex 2.0

  1. Visit the web application for staff via www.utwente.nl and log in with your M-number.
  2. Select UT-FLEX 2. 0 (front-end).

  3. The standard home screen of UT flex 2.0i is raadplegen klussen [consulting jobs].
  4. The toon klussen [show jobs] button allows you to inspect the list of existing jobs.
  5. The reset zoekcriteria [reset search criteria] button allows you to make a selection in the list of existing jobs
  6. The nieuwe klus openen [open new job] button allows you to enter the job details.

Points of attention for opening a new job

  • Period of work
    • the starting date may be any date desired, but preferably the 1st day of the month
    • the end date of a job may be any date desired, but preferably until the end of the current
  • Type of job
    •  student assistantship: job is study-related
    •  stand-by worker: job is not study-related
    •  volunteer scheme (vrijwilligersregeling, VWR) for jobs such as conducting interviews, providing information,
      offering support during events, distributing flyers and sticking posters
  • Is the name of the student who will be doing the job already known? You can enter the student's name directly. If the job has to be done by more than three students, you should contact the HR Service Desk.
  • Required fields:
    • M-number of the person logging in
    •  M-number of the approver
    •  short description
    •  detailed description
    •  starting and end date
    •  type of job
    •  OFI number (Please note! period after 3rd character)
  • A job is given one task as a standard. It is possible to add several tasks to one job. Moreover, a specific task can be assigned to one or more students.
  • After all required fields are completed, you check the job contents via the klusdetails controleren [check job details] button. It gives an overview of the details entered. The system will automatically show the fields that need to be corrected.
  • After a final check, the job will be recorded via the opslaan [save] button. The job is given an automatically generated unique number. The job is now visible for the student and the staff member and is included in the list of jobs.

7.  After the job registration is complete, you should send the HR Service Desk a request to match the job to the student via utflex@utwente.nl .
8.  Is the student who will be doing the job already known? The student's name is already included in the job details and is visible to the HR Service Desk staff member. The job is matched to the student immediately.
9.  The HR Service Desk staff member will check the correctness of the job details and will match the job to the student.
10.  The student is automatically sent a confirmation of the job matching by e-mail.
11.  The process of opening a new job is complete.

If you have any questions about UT flex 2.0, contact the HR Service Desk via utflex@utwente.nl or via 489 8011.