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General Provisions student-assistants UT flex


If you want to be eligible for employment as a student-assistant, you must meet the following conditions. You are registered as a student or auditor at a Dutch university and are preparing for a doctoraal or ingenieur examination. In addition, you render a contribution to academic higher education or research.

Pursuant to chapter 10, Article 10.2 paragraph 2 and Article 10.4 paragraph 2 of the Collective Labour Agreement Dutch Universities, the Executive Board has set further rules both for the duration and the study level (see point 1 and 2 of these provisions).


• maximum of 50 hours per month if you have only concluded the P-phase

• maximum of 66 hours per month if you have concluded the B2-phase

• maximum of 83 hours per month if you have concluded the B3-phase

This rule can only be deviated from if this is necessary because of the nature of the activities (for example block practical training, extensive editing work) or another reason. This is to be assessed by or on behalf of the Executive Board. The maximum duration of the employment is 12 months.


The level of the salary depends on your study level. The Bureau Educational Affairs (BOZ) of your faculty determines this level. As a rule, the phase of study in the study programme determines your study level.

If you do not follow the normal procedure in your study programme, your study level will be determined on the basis of the number of ECTS credits you have obtained. See the overview salary indication under “study level”.

The salary level is set at the start of a small job. If the study level is increased  during the term of a small job, promotion to a higher salary number is subject to the remainder of the small job is still at least 3 months and the approval of the faculty/department. Furthermore, the salary level will not be adjusted retroactive, unless there is an obvious administrative error.

   (reference date 1 May 2018)



hours per month

gross salary per month
1 May 2018

Hourly pay


salary grade SA

P-concluded or





€ 1997


€ 12.10


salary number 2

B-2 concluded or
110 ECTS in B-phase




€ 2138


€ 12.96


salary number 3

B-3 concluded or
160 ECTS in B-and/or Master phase




€ 2329


€ 14.12


salary number 4


You are entitled to holiday leave as referred to in Article 4.7 paragraph 1 of the Collective Labour Agreement Dutch Universities in proportion to the number of hours worked. Normally, upon commencement of your employment and at the beginning of each new calendar year, the UT determines the entitlement to holiday leave. The entitlement to and taking up of leave are subsequently recorded on a digital leave card. Because it is not known in advance how many hours a student-assistant will work in a calendar year, another method has been opted for in UT-flex: you receive your holiday leave not in the form of paid time off, but in the form of a supplement  to your gross hourly pay. The level of this supplement is 11.72%.


The holiday allowance is calculated monthly and amounts to 8% of the actually enjoyed monthly salary. Normally, the UT pays out the holiday allowance in the month of May. UT-flex pays out the allowance monthly, together with the salary payment.


The year-end bonus is calculated monthly and amounts to 8.3% of the actually enjoyed monthly salary. Normally, the UT pays out the year-end bonus in the month of December. UT-flex pays out the bonus monthly, together with the salary payment.


You also receive a compensation for transition payment. The height of the compensation can be found on your salary specification. This means that you are not entitled to a transition payment on termination of your employment contract. UT-flex pays out the compensation of transition payment monthly, together with the salary payment.


During your employment, you are a member for the purposes of the Pension Regulations of the Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP. During the employment you will accrue pension. As a result of your employment, you are subject to the Healthcare Insurance Act. This means that you have a statutory obligation to take out healthcare insurance.


If you are unable to work due to illness, you must report this before 10 am to the faculty bureau.


You have temporary employment that ends by operation of law when the agreed term has expired. Another ground for termination is passing your doctoraal/master examination. The employment is considered to have been terminated effective from the first day of the month following the date on which you have graduated (doctoraal/master). The employment is also terminated if you are no longer registered as a student at a Dutch university or if you have discontinued your study.