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Student volunteer contribution

Volunteer Scheme

If you are a student and you incidentally perform activities for the UT, then there is a possibility to receive compensation for these activities in a fiscally favourable manner.

Volunteer Scheme ("vrijwilligersregeling" or VWR) - General:

This scheme applies to incidental activities of a limited size. Students may be eligible for the scheme if they perform one of the following activities:

  • providing information and/or accompanying new students during information days;
  • distributing flyers etc. and/or putting up posters;
  • providing support at events and parties, e.g. in the capacity of car-park attendant, traffic guard or cloakroom attendant, or by receiving and guiding guests, or providing services etc.;
  • interviewing people and/or incidentally writing an article;
  • attributing to surveys and/or participating in a research as a testee or a simulated patient.

If you want to make use of the Student Volunteer Scheme, please indicate so in advance to your UT contact. For all VWR activities, a job will be created in UTflex 2.0.

As soon as the VCR activities are registered under your name, it is no longer allowed to have an appointment via UTflex. It is not necessary to register for this. All active students can make use of the scheme.

The amount of compensation will be established in consultation with the UT contact. The maximum amount that can be claimed as compensation (contribution) amounts to €125 per month, with a maximum of €1,500 per year. In that case, it is not possible to get an appointment at the UT.


  • No taxes or premiums will be withheld from the compensation..
  • You won't have to return or pay anything to the Tax Authorities in arrears.
  • The compensation will not taken into account for the level of your housing benefit or your care allowance.

Please note: Students who have been matched to a job, are no longer allowed to work as a flexible worker at the same time.

As from 1 August 2015, the link to the Volunteer Scheme (VWR) to fill in a statement of expenses has expired. You can now be matched to a VWR job in UTflex 2.0.

There are a few special jobs at M&C for which no hours can be declared, but for which a pre-established amount (fixed price) has been set, depending on the amount of time worked for the job. In addition, M&C has its own website/application where vacant jobs can be consulted. Please apply for a normal job or for activities under VWR.

Matching a VWR job:

If it is the first time you make use of the Volunteer Scheme, you will be requested, as soon as you are matched to a job, to enter your IBAN number in UTflex 2.0. You will receive an automatic email with additional information. It is no longer needed to go to the HR department to submit the paper work in person.

Important: please select the period during which you intend to make use of the VWR. The same applies to the period during which you are matched as a student in view of a possible switch between the two schemes.


Payment of hours: Please make sure the amount of time worked for a VWR job is approved digitally as soon as possible.
In the event payment is done simultaneously with ‘regular UTflex hours’, these hours will be included under Additional paid activities (no net amount).


If you have any questions or require more information, please contact us via utflex@utwente.nl.