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German student assistants and the healthcare insurance law

zorgtoeslagAs a student-assistant, you have an employment contract with the University of Twente. Because the University of Twente is a public university, you have an employment contract under public law. This means that during your employment, you are subject to the Dutch social security legislation and that you fall within the scope of the Dutch Healthcare Insurance Act by operation of law. Therefore you need to take out healthcare insurance (basic insurance) that meets the requirements provided in this Act. It does not matter in this context whether you live in the Netherlands or in Germany. Nor does it matter whether your tasks are factually performed in the Netherlands or in Germany. If you fail to take out insurance, you risk a penalty.

From the commencement date of your Dutch healthcare insurance (the date on which your employment commences), your German healthcare insurance has to be stopped (temporarily).

You may qualify for a financial state contribution for your healthcare insurance. You can apply for this “care allowance” (zorgtoeslag) via the website of the Tax Administration in the Netherlands:

If you live in Germany and want to make continued use of medical care in Germany, you can register with the German Krankenkasse (healthcare insurer). To do this, upon taking out your Dutch healthcare insurance you must complete an E 106 form. With this form, your Dutch healthcare insurer will register you with the Krankenkasse of your choice. You only pay premium to the Dutch healthcare insurer for your healthcare insurance. The registration with the Krankenkasse is free.

After your registration with a Krankenkasse, you are entitled to all the care from the healthcare insurance policy of the Dutch healthcare insurer, both in the Netherlands and in Germany. The compensation of this care is according to Dutch criteria. A consequence of this can be that not all the costs made in Germany will be fully compensated. Moreover, based on your (free) registration with the Krankenkasse you are entitled to the care under the statutory insurance package of Germany (country of residence package).