If you are expecting a baby, you are entitled to pregnancy leave in the period leading up to childbirth. After giving birth, you are entitled to maternity leave.

To be eligible for pregnancy and maternity leave, you must timely provide your faculty or department with a certificate of pregnancy containing an indication of the delivery date issued by the physician or midwife. Moreover, you need to state when you want the pregnancy leave to start.

Leave period
The starting date of the pregnancy leave is at minimum four and at maximum six weeks before the day of the indicated delivery date. The pregnancy leave lasts up to and including the day of delivery. The maternity leave begins on the day after the delivery. The maternity leave period is at least ten weeks. Together, the pregnancy leave and maternity leave periods are at least sixteen weeks. If the delivery occurs after the indicated delivery date, then the total period will be longer than sixteen weeks.

Longer time off for multiple births

When expecting a multiple birth, you can start your pregnancy leave 8 to 10 weeks before your expected delivery date. This gives you at least 20 weeks of combined pregnancy and maternity leave. You will be entitled to at least 10 weeks of maternity leave after delivery. The total number of weeks off will depend on your actual delivery date. If this occurs before your expected delivery date, your pregnancy leave will be a number of days shorter, but these days will then be added to your maternity leave. 

Hospital stay baby
If the baby stays at the hospital for a longer time during the maternity leave, the leave will be extended with the number of hospitalization days counting from the eighth day of hospitalization up to and including the final day of the original maternity leave. The extension can be no more than ten weeks.

Flexible leave
The last period of the maternity leave can be flexible. This concerns the leave that remains after six weeks after the delivery date. This part of the maternity leave can be taken spread out over a period of no more than 30 weeks. You will do so in deliberation with your manager. The request for flexible maternity leave must be submitted to your faculty or department no later than three weeks after the delivery date.

Death of the mother
If the mother dies during the maternity leave, then her partner can take up the remaining leave. This concerns the leave for the period up to ten weeks after the delivery. The partner will take up this leave with their own employer and is entitled to payment of salary during the leave. The partner is also granted this leave if the mother was not entitled to the maternity leave; e.g. because she was not working or was self-employed.